About us

We are specializing in Hard Corals, Soft Corals, Live Rocks, with CITES under our own company name. Ornamental Shrimps, Crabs, Starfish, Anemones, Marine fish / Saltwater fish / Seawater fish also available by request.

Our Company
PT. Bekael Eska Gemilang was founded on 11 December 1984 and are one of the companies that are registered with CITES to export live corals, invertebrates, propagation, and live tropical fishes. We are also a member of AKKII (Indonesian Shell, Coral and Ornamental Fish Association), a partnership organization with the Indonesian Government to regulate corals trade.
We always strive to improve to meet to our customer’s needs, over the years we have continually improve our farm system, extensive quality control and logistics management.
Our Facility are made and maintained so our Corals Thrive while waiting to be shipped by our VERY well trained staff providing better personalized service to supply our valued customer with the best handpicked products from all over Indonesia.

     ~ We welcome you to visit our Facility, Contact us. ~

PT. Bekael Eska Gemilang’s facility is strategically located in Karang Tengah, Tangerang, just 30 minutes from Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta’s International Airport. Our facility is equipped with advanced filtration and newest life support system, one of the best in Indonesia.

Coral Experience
Our employee’s average experiences in handeling corals are 16.4 years with the most recent at 9 years and the longest at 25 years. Two on the 25 years, four on the 20 years, Two on the 9 years, the rest are on the teens. Thats why our corals are in top conditions. For our employees, moving hundreds of corals to suit they needs is a must, because we know corals came from different depth, water flow, light intensity, etc. Because we are getting corals for all over Indonesia, even same species need different settings. Thus, when we see any corals isn’t showing good respons to the current position, we move it and find a spot its fits. We are dealing with living creatures after all, and each coral have their own preference.

Generaly we quarantine our corals for 2 weeks to several months before being ship to our clients, and we hold 5000 corals cycles. On average, our facility maintain an 8000 corals in stocks but all this won’t show on stock list, for we only list ready to ships corals only. Anticipating the peak monsoon season we top our stock up to 10000 corals and thats extra works and costs for us. That is why our DOAs(Death On Arrival) are VERY VERY VERY low, we try too keep our shipments at zero DOA, and we like to keep it that way.

All of our livestock are handpicked and checked thoroughly prior to shipment, only the HEALTHIEST are sent. We understand the impact of sending Unhealthy Corals to our Customers thus vise versa. We always strive to improve to serve to our customer’s delight, over the years we have continually improve our farm system, extensive quality control and logistics management.

We are now fully equipped with advance facilities and well trained staff providing better personalized service and strive to supply our valued customer with the best and the healthiest products from Indonesia. Our products are live corals including hard corals soft corals and live rock

Why do so much for the corals? Because we started of as hobbyist, and nothing worst than paying for bad corals, thats why. We are passionated in what we are doing. Our employee not just work at Bekael, they are our family. We do things like families do, have gatherings, discuss and consult any situations be it good or bad, always finding for a better system for the corals to thrive in the facility.