How to work with us

• Send us your inquiry and please be specific on the questions. Please specify your port of destination with closest airline hub, your CITES requirement, ordering volume, ordering frequency, corals you are looking for, preferred airlines. Basically show us that you are serious about your inquiry and we will respect your questions
• We will send you our price list along with more detailed business terms after we receive your inquiry

Please let us know  the basic informations about :
•  Who are you and how can we contact you ?
•  Who is you current supplier ?
•  Why you need us as your new supplier ?
•  Order Volume and Frequency of orders ?
•  CITES request and requirements ?
•  Country Specific Regulations ?

Our Customers
We ship to wholesale, trans-shipper, or specialized retail shop who intend to do a routine scheduled shipment with us. We do not sell to individual/hobbyist or one time purchase.

• Shipping : Airlines request, availability, price, lead time, length of travel needs to be Checked regularly as Airlines often make changes.

• DOA : Our DOA goals are 0%, rarely above 1%, Claims are only when above 5% and we need prove within arrival. We are not held responsible for inadequacy of your holding area.

Payment :
• Trial Stage for our New Customers
• Deposit of $500 US for making the requested CITES
• Advance payment required upon finished selected colars and $500(Deposites) will be deducted for the total invoice
• If, after CITES is made and decided not to do shipment from us, $500 will be lost
• When you decided to become our regular customers, $500 will be needed as a deposit for guaranteed CITES availability