What we offer

We will issue a new CITES based on your order and under your company name once we finalized business terms. You can request the composition of your CITES and we will try our best to fulfill them. But please be reasonable as we have to share the CITES quota among our customers. After the CITES clearance we will scan and email it to our customer, if we do not hear a confirmation within 5 working days we will cancel and use the CITES to our other customer.

     ~ We will keep your CITES to the fullest extent of the validity period ONLY with prior agreement. ~

After that we reserve the right to cancel your CITES and use it for other customer. Note for European Union Countries: Please confirm with your local authority for the list of negative opinion species. Some countries within EU might have slight variations. Please also advice all other supplementary documentsrequired by your country (Certificate of Origins, Special Vet Certificate, Specific Language ANNEX Form, etc). We cannot be held responsible if the shipment is being seized by the customs if you fail to provide us with the accurate and up to date list of negative opinion species and other supplementary documents required.

CITES Availability

On high seasons, our CITES availability is scarce and be reserved by other Clients, please do so reserved you CITES as our other clients has done it. Please note, CITES request doesn’t mean you will get all the amount you seek. Please do be considerate, and when you get the requested CITES list and amount, do buy the corals. If you do not required the other species, our other clients will/may need it. Lets be considerate and not be wasteful. Thank you for being kind.


• New Customers, please allow 2-8 weeks for a new CITES application for your shipment. However from time to time we might have a processed CITES on hand ready to use. Please inquire.
• For first time customer, a deposit of US$500 is required to issue CITES under your company name. This deposit will be credited towards your final invoice.
• We only accept bank TT for CITES deposit.
• If, after CITES is made and decided not to do shipment from us, $500 will be lost.
• When you decided to become our regular customers, $500 will be needed as a deposit for guaranteed CITES availability

CITES Content
• Since certain Species have limited CITES quota, we have distribute the CITES quota among our customers with our discretion.
• We have 4 limited Wild CITES quota that you need to pay special attention:
1. Wild Acanthastrea
2. Wild Acropora
3. Wild Blastomussa
4. Wild Echinopora
• We generally don’t have any problem providing you with your requested CITES quota within normal boundaries. Please be considerate to our other clients, because CITES quota are precious we have to share equally.

Corals Availability

Due to our fast changing Coral Stocks, we required our customer no longer than 3 days to decide from our Corals stock list we send you. We cannot guarantee our stocks is just for you to be held at a long periods.
Unless you gave us advance or deposit than we can guarantee you got the same coral that you ask.
For your information, Indonesia have 2 Seasons, Hot Season and Rainy Season. On Monsoon season, Corals are scarce, but don’t worry we anticipate this by knowing you CITES availability. So please reserved your CITES as doing so encourage us reserving your corals.